Classes I Would Love to Teach


My dear friends,

I recently discovered what appears to be a perfect school for me to call home. Fortune appears to have smiled on me and they have a social studies position open. What makes this school perfect for me is that both students and teachers initiate classes in their discipline and curiosities. If I correctly interpret the school’s website, they encourage teachers to be themselves and promote a vigorous form of self-direction for both teacher and student. Although, it was not asked for in the application package I wanted to offer them a sample of classes that I can see myself teaching in the core areas I would be expected to teach, namely:

  • US History

  • Economics

  • Government

  • Geography

  • World History

  • Current Events

  • Psychology

  • World Religions


The common themes that keep coming back to me and how I teach are:

  • humor

  • popular culture provides a convenient starting point

  • dichotomies cloud clear thinking

  • traditional subject boundaries no longer have meaning

  • learning must be fun

  • questions are more important than answers

With this in mind, below is a short list I threw together of classes I would love to teach or at least offer. I would like to hear any thoughts on my approach. Please keep in mind that this is still in brainstorming phase and I still have a day or two to refine the final product. 


Humor during the Cold War.

Brains as scarce resource: zombies and economics

I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested: psychology and The Big Bang Theory

Roman coliseum, Quentin Tarantino,  and True Blood: Are humans inherently violent?

Power to the People: Political and cultural revolutions

Is America the new Rome?

Gods, old and new: comparative history of the rise and fall of religions

Uncle Sam Wants You: American history through our propaganda

Eat the Rich: Class war in American history